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Fullerton’s Assessment…Couldn’t Resist Posting this video & photo on their own!

Kelly and I had a GREAT morning…great last couple of days actually, as we were performing a detailed riparian zone assessment in Fullerton’s. This place has NEVER been touched by our watershed group before, so it’s a wonderful experience getting in there and seeing what’s up! It was also amazing to see the water flowing so well, even in the heart of the dry summer. What a treat 🙂

screen shot of fullertons creek vid.png

And who wouldn’t post such an awesome photo of Kelly as she stands on Ings’ dam? 🙂

Kelly - stream assessment at ings dam.jpg

(photo: Kelley Farrar)



Author: Stratford Area Watershed

“As a community working together toward the preservation and enhancement of Stratford’s diverse landscape and natural habitat, the Stratford and Area Watershed Improvement Group will foster interest and participation in watershed planning. Stratford and Area Watershed Improvement Group envision that as a community, area residents will work together to sustain the quality and quantity of fresh water available for the benefit of future generations.”

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