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Spruce Budworm Monitoring Program Over and Done for Another Year!

SAWIG has participated in the Spruce Budworm Monitoring Program for a few years now, and we have just finished up for another season. It’s always a weird kind of mix of “yes, we have some samples”…followed by “oh NO, we don’t want any budworm moths here!”. Strange indeed!

Here you can see the tally up and prep for sending to the Budworm Tracker people 🙂

budworm monitoring completion 2017.jpg

Mmm, nothing like counting some dead moths (and yup, they smell a bit after months…)


Author: Stratford Area Watershed

“As a community working together toward the preservation and enhancement of Stratford’s diverse landscape and natural habitat, the Stratford and Area Watershed Improvement Group will foster interest and participation in watershed planning. Stratford and Area Watershed Improvement Group envision that as a community, area residents will work together to sustain the quality and quantity of fresh water available for the benefit of future generations.”

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