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All Things Conservation

Canadians live in a country that is seemingly rich in freshwater. It is this misconception that has led to the misuse of our precious resources, and allowed water to be used and abused for a variety of purposes.

In 2004, the average Canadian resident used approximately 329 litres of water on a daily basis:

Image result for environment canada water use in canada

2004 Water Use (Environment Canada)

The conservation of water through the demand reduction has been considered an important component of water management, and Canadian municipalities are now actively seeking to reduce water demand rather than locating new sources of water for local residents. The Town of Stratford is no exception, and with the installation of water meters in every home, residents, the town, watershed group etc. are all working to encourage changes in water use habits.

SAWIG has been working with the Town of Stratford on various water conservation initiatives and programs over the last number of years. Some of the programs have included:

  • Rainbarrel Giveaway
  • Showerhead Exchange Program
  • Toilet Rebate Program
  • Home Water Audit (this program will begin in 2017-2018!)

Both the town and watershed group promote water conservation in homes, gardens and at work, and look forward to continued partnership in the future.

Let’s work together to keep as much of our most precious resource in the ground as possible!

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Rain barrel giveaway day (photo: Winston Maund)