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Birdhouse Placement and Maintenance

*Do not place birdhouses near bird feeders*

It’s important to find a good site for your birdhouse, away from predators and competition. Tree swallows will try and nest anywhere they can; don’t put them in places where they are in danger!

Try to find sites that:

  • Are near a good insect food supply (e.g. a boggy area or open field)
  • Are wide open for easy flight
  • Minimize competition from other species and predators

The very BEST location is in a large open field or large yard. Place them in the middle, away from houses, barns, woods, hedgerows and water edges.  If you find a great location that is not on your property, ask permission from the landowner!

Metal poles make the best supports, and steel pipe or conduit/rebar is recommended by tree swallow experts and enthusiasts. Wood poles are NOT recommended. Place the birdhouse approximately 6ft above ground.

Used nests are often tainted with fleas, mites, and lice waiting for more inhabitants.  Feeders can spread parasites and disease.  Remove nests after rearing and clean and spray nestboxes with a mix of 90% water and 10% chlorine bleach. RINSE THOROUGHLY. This should be done annually.

We HIGHLY recommend visiting the following website for information: