Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

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Water Quality Monitoring Program

Pondside System, Town of Stratford

In 2011, the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group developed a long-term plan for the restoration and enhancement of various areas within the Pondside sub-watershed system. The waters run from behind Home Hardware off the Kinlock Road to Stewart’s Cove off Aptos Drive. This was an ambitious plan, with 5 key targets ranging from wetland restoration to pond dredging and land management of sensitive areas.  In 2012, SAWIG partnered with Dalhousie University students to perform research throughout the Pondside sub-watershed to develop baseline information on the condition of this system. Particular focus was paid to Moore’s Pond, located on Stratford Road.

The watershed group very recently received final recommendations on how to move forward within the Pondside system based on the student analysis.  Recommended immediate strategies include:

1)  Implementation of a long-term surface water quality monitoring program for waterways within the Stratford watershed – please see below

2) Development of a watershed rehabilitation plan to mitigate and/or remediate sources of nutrient and sediment loading into the system. 

3) Continued discussion with the town (and province) so that all future development happens in a more sustainable and progressive way.


As part of the overall recommendations from the Dalhousie report, SAWIG and the town contracted Dr. Mike van den Heuval, professor at UPEI and director of the Canadian Rivers Institute, to develop a Water Quality Monitoring Protocol for the Pondside watershed system. Completed in September, 2016, the group is now eager to implement this protocol. Various parameters have been identified as crucial for monitoring and the establishment of solid baseline data from which to measure future changes, including:

  1. Fecal coliforms
  2. Cyanobacteria
  3. Nutrient concentrations and flow
  4. Dissolved Oxygen
  5. Water and Sediment bathymetry
  6. General water chemistry parameters (this was started in 2016)

The watershed group hopes to begin this work in spring, 2017 (pending funding approval). This is part of the long-term restoration strategy for the Pondside system.  Please click here to view Dr. van den Heuval’s report.

Please click here to view the original Dalhousie University report for the Pondside system.

Click here to view the tentative timeline for Pondside restoration. Note that this timeline can alter depending on funding availability and manpower/expertise.