Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

A Glimpse into the Exciting World of Watersheds on Prince Edward Island

Public Meeting Minutes

We all have busy schedules, and cannot always make SAWIG’s public meetings! To make it easier for watershed residents to catch up or review minutes from public meetings and events, SAWIG is now posting pdf copies for ease and convenience.

Minutes October 28

 Minutes Nov 26 2008

SAWIG Minutes February 17 2009

SAWIG Minutes March 24 2009

SAWIG Minutes May19, 2009

  SAWIG Minutes Oct 20 2009 Roundtable

  SAWIG Minutes November 17 2009

January 20 2010 Minutes Adaptation to Climate Change

 SAWIG Minutes Annual General Meeting 2010

SAWIG Minutes Public Meeting Jan 10 2011

SAWIG Minutes for the 2010 AGM

Minutes from SAWIG Annual General Meeting May 8 2012

Minutes from the June 4 2013 AGM

DRAFT Minutes from 2017-2018 AGM

Please contact Maddy at 367-3605 if there are any omissions or errors, or would just like to provide input; it is always encouraged.


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