Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

A Glimpse into the Exciting World of Watersheds on Prince Edward Island

Summer 2012

It was a very busy season for the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group! SAWIG hired its second summer staff, and thanks to Carter Livingstone and Iain Cudmore, completed a wide variety of tasks and projects! Some of this work included (but not limited to):

1) extensive tree planting throughout the Stratford and Alexandra watersheds;

2) stream restoration along Kinlock Creek, Bellevue Creek and Birch Creek;

3)  extensive Coastal Zone Assessment;

4)  assisting with the Town during the Canada Day and Strawberry festivals;

5) assisted Parks & Recreation with a number of maintenance projects;

6) erected dozens of birdhouses and bathouses throughout Pondside and Cotton parks;

7)  assisted Pisquid watershed group with tree planting in their area; and

8 ) various cleanups of parks and public areas.

Kelley Arnold, Watershed Coordinator, acted as supervisor throughout the summer, ensuring Carter and Iain were completing the required tasks and respectfully representing the watershed group! We were happy and proud to provide daily updates of summer activities to SAWIG’s Board, members, general public, and residents via the 2012 SUMMER BLOG.  We have  the daily happenings of the summer crew, along with photos, videos, and interesting tidbits of information.

At the end of the summer, the project supervisor was required to submit a final report, listing their accomplishments over the past 2 months. We encourage you to take a look at how they spent their time in 2012. Please click on SUMMER 2012 FINAL REPORT to view the details!

Carter (left) and Iain (right) hard at work putting up birdhouses!
Carter (left) and Iain (right) hard at work putting up birdhouses!


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