Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

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Summer 2016

sawig-summer-2016SAWIG is dedicated to the hiring of local students during the summer season, and 2016 was no exception. We were only able to hire on 1 student his year, and we were thrilled to welcome back Kelly Drake for the third year in a row. Kelly has become a fantastic asset to the group, with her growing knowledge of invasive species, tree pruning, planting, maintenance, stream work and much more.

We had a busy summer, and would like to thank Conley Hogan, Kate Dempsey and Kelley Farrar for helping Kelly out throughout the summer. It was a collective effort if there ever was one!

We were busy each week, as we worked our way around the watershed planting trees, performing stream restoration, engaging the public and helping out with the community market and gardens/orchard etc.

Interested in seeing what they are up to? Kelly had a summer blog, which was updated on a regular basis. Click here to see what was up in 2016.

Want a good read? Check out Kelly’s here!