Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

A Glimpse into the Exciting World of Watersheds on Prince Edward Island

Summer 2011

It has been a busy summer season for the watershed group! SAWIG was proud to have a summer crew for the very first time. Conner St. Jean, Colin MacEwen and Sam Lewellyn completed a variety of tasks and projects, including:

1) extensive tree planting at Jenkins Pond, Keppoch Park, Kinlock   Creek, Bellevue Park and Camp Gencheff;

2) stream restoration along Kinlock Creek;

3)  pond cleanup within Keppoch Estates Ltd.;

4)  assisting with the Town during the Strawberry Festival;

5) assisting Public Works with painting and gardening;

6) trail maintenance and mapping;

7)  buffer zone and coastal zone assessment; and

8 ) various cleanups of parks and public areas.

At the end of the summer, the project supervisor was required to submit a final report, listing their accomplishments over the past 2 months. We encourage you to take a look at how they spent their time in 2011!


Sam Llewelyn, Colin MacEwen and Conner St. Jean


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