Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group: A Glimpse into the Exciting World of Watersheds on Prince Edward Island

Summer Staff

Image result for muddy bootsThe Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG) is very dedicated to the betterment of the watersheds in which we serve. Although we work diligently throughout the year on a wide variety of projects and programs, we do the majority of our outdoor, “boots in the field” work throughout June-September. We have been very fortunate to have  summer students for the last several years, and have accomplished a great deal to be proud of!

Summer staff crew numbers have changed throughout the years, ranging from 1-3 full time staff for 8 week stints. However, even with a decrease in staff, we have been very lucky to have part-time access to a town of Stratford summer staff member. Talk about a great partnership!

Interested in what we have done the last 6 seasons? Check it out below!

Summer of 2011

Summer of 2012

Summer of 2013

Summer of 2014

Summer of 2015 

Summer of 2016

NEW! Summer of 2017

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