Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group: A Glimpse into the Exciting World of Watersheds on Prince Edward Island

What’s NEW?

We may not update the website a great deal, but there are always little changes going on here and there! We thought it might make more sense to have a page you can click on to see what’s new, improved, or just a little different on SAWIG’s site. We will then include a link to the changed or added page for you to look in greater detail. Thanks for dropping by!


We are finally good to go with the construction of the first pedestrian bridge across Pondside stream behind Pondside park. We have been planning this for over a year and we are finally in the field getting’er done! First off, we would like to thank Sherwood Timbermart for giving us the materials for 50% off..wonderful!! Second, thanks to some volunteers from HMCS Queen Charlotte for spending their Friday (and Saturday!) to help us construct it. What a great start to September!


We are SO excited to have completed phase 1 of our pocket pollinator garden at Reddin Park. We have gone as far as we can this year; thanks to Kelly, Kelley, Jesper, and the boys from Parks & Rec (Wes, Willie and Shawn) for the unbelievable help. The garden may look unfinished and messy at this point, but the critical stage has been completed and we look forward to finishing it up over the next 1-2 years!!!

See Kelly/Kelley’s blog for updates on it:


We want to say welcome back to Kelly Drake, who is joining us for the 3rd year in the row. This girl is amazing, and now possesses the experience to take that extra step/initiative and get things done! We are thrilled to have her back!

Welcome to Jesper Thompson, who is working part-time with the watershed throughout the summer. This man is a workhorse; we are fortunate to have him around to lift the stuff that weighs as much as Kelly!

You will no doubt see them around the watershed; watch for our sign that shows we are working in the area…we take it around with us!

Jesper Thompson and Kelly Drake performing nitrate and phosphate testing (2 parameters in their weekly water testing). They were then about to go tree planting!



The watershed group has hosted several tree sales throughout the last month, as we work to try and encourage and excite people to plant native trees in their own backyards. We advertise through the blog on this site, as well as on social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) and via email. Interested in joining the email list to get our updates? Click here! Don’t worry, we only send out emails once in awhile!